Advanced Speaker design software

I am about to start my second DIY project and I need some advice. I am building a new subwoofer for my home theater and this design is more advanced then my last subwoofer project. Anyways, I have been using WinISD for modeling response and what not but I am actually in need of something a little more advanced. The enclosure is going to be significantly larger then my last one so I will need bracing to keep the enclosure rigid. I was wondering if there is any design software that can calculate the bracing displacement and compensate for the lost volume due to the bracing. It would also be nice if it could print out the design schismatic as well. Any suggestions? I am a total armature and I don’t do a build that often so low cost or free would be nice although not completely necessary.



2004-02-20 1:36 pm
There is a simulation program (LFA v5) from a Greek company which doesn't calculate the bracing displacement but it calculates the low freq response and the STANDING WAVES created in the cabinet, which is more important and more difficult to calculate, giving you the exact speaker and port positions where the standing waves are eliminated. You can contact MTZ Audio for details.
Of course I know how to calculate volume, I am not ignorant. It is not a matter of not being able to do it is a matter of convenience. Also note that I don’t just want an app to calculate volume, I want an app that can do much more. For those who are wondering this sub is not meant to bump. It is going to be a high quality sub that I have designed for both music and home theater use. It has nothing to do with bumping. It is all about the quality of the sound over the high SPL or what not. The design right now is flat to about 17Hz and my previous project has been good but I am just growing my knowledge and developing new design concepts that I with to test.