Admiral Console - Y6501

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of speakers are in this old beast. I found one cheap at a Value Village, but am hesitating due to the WAF (wife acceptance factor.)

This is a large, real wood, console unit with a tuner and phonograph. It's made in Canada. Has tubes galore and two 12", 6", and 4" drivers. I couldn't see the back of the drivers, but I suspect that they are alnico due to the age of this thing. the front of the drivers look perfect. As for the tubes and iron, all I know is that the unit does not work - or so I've been told. I can easily salvage those parts, but would really like to know about the drivers.

If it is worth what they are asking for it and if its a profitable purchase, the wife will understand. Right?

Any ideas?

Much appreciated.