ADMARK AD 42 Amplifier Review

Hi all,

Just a quick review of the ADMARK AD42 amplifier, which can be found from Alibaba


I am always skeptical of amps from Alibaba, you really dont know what you get. But honestly, this one surprised me a decent amount.

My test setup consists of 4x 8 ohm 1000w, wired 2 in series and 2 paralelle to maintain 8 ohm.

Measured voltage: 146 v on volt meter
Measured Vrms: 155 v on oscilloscope

Converted wattage: 3000-3200w 8 ohm
I was unable to test bridge mode.

There is a 10ms peak or so, that goes above this, but I wasn't able to capture it. Its so quick it will likely not be audible before falling to rms voltage above.

Notes: This is with the peak light off, it quickly falls apart at above this voltage. The peaking is not very pretty and will destroy your speakers instantly, do not overload this amplifier.



Official specs

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I literally just bought one of these, couldn't find anything local that was a reasonable price! Guess it's going to be a little interesting to use, initially will be powering 1x b&c tbw100 1500w 8ohm per channel but looking to ideally power all 4 of our cabs so 2 per channel at 4ohm. You reckon this amps actually going to be upto the job? Does it exhibit the peaking under any other conditions than sending a clipped signal into it?
Ok so with that in mind, if I have the peak limiters set to 6000w @ 4ohm which equates to about 154v per channel, but set them at say 149v would that potentially avoid the issue with the clipping? Also, running this voltage under load, do you have any idea how many amps the unit is roughly drawing? The club I run at has a 32amp supply and the unit will be run off of a 32amp plug via our pdu
Yeah, I think setting a limiter or at least limiting the mixer and setting the output of the amp to roughly 149v should be fine. Then you're certain you will never clip it. I didn't check the input amp, but at peak it should draw 20A ish, so you're set. Also its important to note that RMS draw is probably lower, more like 16A ish.
First gig I only ran 2 keystones off of it but the difference in sound quality and warmth in the bass is crazy. Temperature readout was a solid 43 degrees Celsius after 7 hours in a sweaty gig so it's warm up gig was definitely a success. Will look into upgrading the backs of the subs so I can link them and run all 4 off of it at the next gig!