adding mass to subwoofer to lower fs


2002-05-08 2:51 am
I would like to add 10 grams of something I can paint on to my subwoofer, in the new "winisd pro" program it has a variable for adding mass to the cone and the effect it has on the freq response. I found adding 10 grams is beneficial to extending the response.

1: What can I use to paint on the subwoofer? I heard you can use elmers glue. Maybe I could glue 2 nickels on the cone! :)~(paper/kevlar composite cone)

2: is it bound to degrade the performance of the magnet/motor assembly significantly thereby reducing the magnets control on the cone (break up more easily)?

Thank you for any input!


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
David Weems, who has written several books and articles on loudspeakers, has dealt with this in the past.

He points out that when you add mass to the cone, you decrease overall system sensitivity as well as lower the Fs.

He suggested that you can lower the Fs by one quarter octave, but not to go farther.

Although Weems did not say so, I think all you are doing is bringing your midbass down so that what used to be your 6 dB down point becomes your 3 dB down point-because your midbass reference is 3 dB lower.

In other words-and Weems did not say this specifically, but I think he is hinting at this-if you have a speaker that, at 1 watt, delivers 83 dB at 42 Hz, then with the extra mass it will still deliver 83 dB at 42 Hz-the only difference being that the output at 150 Hz will be lower due to the extra mass.

At any rate, if you want to try it, he did mention pennies and nickels glued to the cone as a way to accomplish this.