Adding line in to tpa3116?


2015-11-22 2:58 am
I brought a sanwu blue tpa3116 on ebay. It was advertised to have a auxiliary input, it had pictures of it with one also. does anyone have a clue on how it could possibly add one? Because bluetooth is great but it lacks in quality. Cheers


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You can't without do easily. Get your money back or complain about the wrong board shipped.

Whats the lack in quality with this board exactly?

(I wonder if they really do a Diff2Se convertion there or if this small SOIC8 IC is a6dB differential gain buffer? Whats marked on this 8pin IC right near the mic?)

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The board with the line-in is a different board. (1 more button)

The way to implement/inject a line-in with your board would be to open up the audio lines after the Diff2Se circuit (a 5532 would guess) and put in a switched 3.5mm jack. These interrupt the audio from the BT module when a plug is connected.

Question again: What the bt audio quality problem with these board? (The CSR chipsets are pretty descent)