Adding a tweeter to Beyma 8ag/n

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Hello there!

I´ve built a pair of Cyburg´s "Viech" with the Beymas 8ag/n,which sound fairly good and sweet in the mid/highs.
However,I´d love to add a cheap tweeter,just to bring that last sparkle to the sound,as the beymas don´t go much further than 17khz give or take.
Any suggestions?

And what about installing it,is it any difficult?

thanks in advance! :)
I´m from Lisboa my fellow portuguese! :)
The tweeters you pointed out sure look the part,but they´re really a bit expensive,since I got the beymas for just 48 euros...I was looking for something a bit more cheap,although the attenuator seems like a great idea!
So you mean that I have to use a horn tweeter to get the best combination possible?
Can´t I use a dome tweeter?
You can, choose one that's going to be able of the 96dB's of the Beyma 8ag/n. Open for ideas. Do you have any xover components on the Beyma, that bring sensitivity down (?). The other possibility would be a tweeter with rising output, like this one DTW 72 8 OHM.

Now this one seems like something I could live with,for about 15 euros each,seems like a very nice choice,and best of all,it´s a suggestion that came from someone´s know how!
Thank you very much,I´ll give it a try!
But what else do I need besides the tweeter?

I hope I´m not being too much of a pain...
I didn't find the Visaton DTW72-8 in my database so I used the DT94-8 that is similar (for this xover application/simulation, I used it in conjunction with the Visaton B200 fullrange) at about 15 cm from the main driver (top or bottom). You can see that it blends well at about xover freq. 7K, the problem here is phase what the horns mitigate better.:masked:
If you use the higher inductor to curve the top of the fullrange at HF, you may need the resistor on the tweeter. With the smaller inductor you may need not.:cool:
You have some tests & auditions to do now...
The inductors on the fullrange are aircores.
The resistor (if used) is NI type.


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friday I´m initiating tests with a vifa dq25,with just a capacitor in series with the tweeter,I guess this is the easiest way to start things up...from there on
I´ll begin "complicating" things!:D
Truth is,will the tweeter reveal detail in music I wasn´t able to hear with just the beymas?:eek:
friday I´m initiating tests with a vifa dq25,with just a capacitor in series with the tweeter,I guess this is the easiest way to start things up...
The Vifa DQ25SC16-04 is a dcr=3ohm tweeter. You have to double caps from 8 to 4 ohm, and the inverse for inductors.:cool:
1. Use this filter, with good integration, xover at ~5kHz, as a starting point.
2. The important thing is a good phase between components, this one (xover) it's very ok.
3. Then adjust atten. of the tweeter with resistor, for small alterations.
4. You can also adjust the inductor, on the fullrange, for more or less balance between bass/mid-bass and mid/high-frequency (5kHz).


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Late comment

I read this topic because I am interested in building Das Viech as a '1st off DIY' project.
In another topic another Viech owner/builder complained about the lack of low frequency slam. From what I learned about full range drivers in general, the performance rarely shines at the extremes of the freq. spectrum. So if you want it all, you should compensate for the limitations of the full range driver. In the case of the Viech I wonder whether it would be possible to redesign the enclosure to include a woofer and a tweeter. I personally have a good impression of Beyma as a manufacturer, allthough I must admit I never used one of their drivers myself. I would be interested in an 'all Beyma' 3-way version of the Viech. Probably a very complicated task to fullfill, but may as well be possible. Because where talking horn's here, a hornloaded compression driver (bullet?) seems logical, but as Beyma also produces a very nice and affordable 8 Ohm/95 dB waveguided dometweeter (T 2030, link to specs here:, this may be worth trying.
Stupid thought perhaps, but would backloading a 10" woofer such as this Beyma ( in the Viech be possible? I presume the hornmouth would have to be (completely??) reshaped with major implications for the enclosure alltogether. I even thought of (verticallily?) integrating a w-bin, but I guess that would result in 2 separate horn systems in one enclosure. This doesn't seem very practical.
I don't know if it would be possible to integrate both the 8ag/n and the woofer in one mouth with crossover tweaking?
Creating a 3-way out of a single driver design seems overkill, aspecially because the technical specs of tweeter and woofer(s) seem to make the 8ag/n almost redundant. Iam sure, if you're able to match components the result wil be a speaker from a different leaugue.

I would be interested in the outcome in case someone is willing to check on this.
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