Adding 4 channels to a 2 channel input on HT amp

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I got a bit into the Teac reference series recently, lovely amps.

Anyway, I'm using a 500d at the mo for HT uses, fed from a PC and 6 channel analogue out from an Asus HDAV1.3 (any recommendations for a better quality sound card would be great while we're down there)

Unfortunately this amp has no other decent inputs, ie spdif. Now the flagship ht amp of the range was the 550, which has all the inputs I need except the 6 channel analogue input.

So my question is, how easy would it be to modify a 2 channel analogue rca input to become a 6 channel analogue rca in. I'm not fussed on individual volume controls for each channel.

If it comes to it I could sacrifice a 500d for whatever parts are possibly needed?
Not sure about what you are trying to do but here goes.....As they say in Vermont "you can't get to there from here". If you want to combine the 6 channels into 2 use a mixer or multiple Y cords or set the sound card to output stereo. On the other hand if you want to put six discrete analog channels into two, run them trough the amp and then return them to six channels it can't be done.
Apologies for the vagueness, long story short, I want to modify a home theater amp to have a 6 channel analogue input.

Figured modifying a stereo input would be a better start than a new one hence asking that.

So my question is, is it just a case of adding a few RCAs and soldering some wires in the right place? Or would it involve a major rework, ie programming etc?

I have an amp from the same series I'm willing to butcher to achieve this.
The 500d only has the 6 channel analogue and stereo inputs. I need more inputs for other things which use spdif mainly. The input I'll be using most of the time is a 6 channel analogue from an HTPC hence the need for this. Also the 550 has a preout so I can use a 500i for the front stage.
You would need the schematic, probably have to cut the proper circuit traces, add a six pole double throw switch or relays as well as adding or commandeering RCA's on the back of the 550. IOW a lot of work.

The only solution I can think of is to hook up the sound card to the 5.1 inputs on the 500. Hook up everything else to the 550 and then use a speaker level A/B amp selector. Something like using three Niles ABA-1D.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.