Adding 2 more drivers to an arleady finished speaker/crossover

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Hello everyone, first of all, i would like to apologise for my bad english :)
This is my first post here, i'm really new in speaker building.
My current speakers are the following: WWMT
-Dayton RS225-4
-Satori MR13PNW-8
-Tymphany DA25TX00-08

Passive crossover, the woofer/midrange cross point is at 600hz. The woofers and mid/tw cabinet is internally separated. Now what i was thinking is to transform them in a WWMTWW configuration (think of Triangle Magellan Cello vs Magellan Grande Concerto). Basically to add on top of the speaker another woofers section. The current woofers are the 4ohm version so i was thinking about two rs225 (8 ohm model) wired in parallel on top and two down. The thing that really worries me is the 5 dB difference between the two models. Would it work? Any ideas and help would be much appreciated.
Anything can be "made" to work after a fashion.

The questions you are going to have to address are
-1- is it worth the effort?

-2- does it give you a benefit over what you have?

I don't know your speakers. As a wild generalisation though, if there is something about the bass that worries you, adding an extra pair of otherwise similar drivers is not likely to make a big difference.

If it is the timbre of sound, the old drivers will be there still. If it is lack of bass, same issue.

Replacing ALL of them with different drivers that address your concern does make sense.

You of course would need to modify both the enclosure and crossover.

-2- is it worth it? Well if you are not happy, yes.

My experience though is that "more is not necessarily better."

Two sorts of woofers is definitely "more" and a big difference in sensitivity, let alone impedance and frequency response, is asking for complications.

Getting it right is the question you should be pondering.
Consider going with a 2 channel plate amp with built in EQ/crossover.

You feed the MTM section from one channel, the woofers from another. Let the plate amp do the 300 Hz crossover, but leave the mid to tweeter crossover in place.

Most problems solved, and you add EQ capabilities.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.