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AD1865 DAC goodies for sale

2 complete DAC´s without an analog output stage, with a total of 4 pcs. high-end AD1865 chips in sockets. One board works fine, and one needs the fix shown in the left corner of one of the boards. An IT chip has been dismounted.

4 pcs. Andrea Ciuffoli designet PCB´s made for a single AD1865 chip DAC and a CS 8414CS true hole chip.

4 pcs. CS8414CS SMD chips that will not directly fit into the Ciuffoli PCBs – maybe it is possible to buy a SMD to true hole converter board somewhere.

Price for the whole lot: Euro 200, and transport in a country in the EU + Euro 30
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That is strange, I thought I did include a bunch of pictures.


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