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I don't know if anyone can help me, but it's always worth asking. I recently moved and when I went to unpack and setup my PC and network, my system was complete EXCEPT the satellites from my Altec Lansing ACS48 3 piece audio system. They have vanished into the ether (or lost by the boobs I hired to move my stuff); either way...they're gone. I requested pricing for replacements from Altec Lansing, but I'm not confident they are available as these are nearly 4 years old.

So my request is does anyone know what the pinout and configuration is on the Sub so I can build a power switch and volume, and integrate a pair of Mackie 4 ohm monitors as replacements. If not I could just replace the whole thing, but I hate to scrap it because it was a nice setup and it wasn't cheap.

Thank you for reading this rambling nonsense and any consideration you give it :)
acs 48 parts for sale, or help troubleshooting amp problems

just saw your reply. i have the acs48. stopped working mysteriously. i dont know jack about electronics repair but wanted to salvage these because they sounded good. the speakers are in great shape, must be the transistors are blown, or a power supply problem.

does anyone know hoe to fix the blown amp?
if not, anyone want to buy the satellites and sub?

i have pulled the speakers from their cases.
OK then..! I know it's been 6 YEARS later, but this is VERY IMPORTANT! I have a set of the A.L. ACS48 as well and do not ever' want to let them go... (they are and always will be the best PC speaker set ever made) My questions is similar: the 3.5 plug from the LEFT speaker(into the RIGHT speaker) has gone bad. I have attempted to hard-wire the jack into the RIGHT speaker, but not that easy! The speakers are some type of "common ground serial stereo" wiring that I am not familiar with. There is 2 wires from the LEFT speaker, a GREEN wire from the primary DIN wire that leads to the sub, and a GROUND that comes from the volume control PCB that is INSIDE the RIGHT speakers. My questions is: How/Where do these wires go for me to hard-wire the LEFT speaker into the RIGHT speaker "and" have LFET/RIGHT SPEAKERS! I can wire them to work together, but there is NO R/L. It end up being MONO! Thats OK, but not good enough for someone that plays games and listens to music alot. Please help! The are Altec ACS48's!!! They can not go down!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.