Acousto-electro guitar amp - speakers impedance


2013-04-14 7:49 pm
I am looking into building a simple amp for an electro acoustic guitar that I have.

I got two sets of identical speakers from an old Hifi. The 2 boxes both have a 4 ohm - 4 Watt woofer and an 8 ohm = 5 Watt tweeter ( or so it says on the speakers). The boxes have a sticker saying "rated impedance = 4 ohms".
So my question is this....when I put a multimeter to the speakers it said 31 ohms. I noticed and then bypassed the capacitor joining the tweeter and woofer and tried read 16 ohms
What should I believe?

the amp I am hoping to build can handle 4-8 ohms...this one