Acousticplan Veena/Beyma 10BR60


2005-10-03 12:50 pm
Does anyone know if the bass drivers in the Acousticplan Veena are the Beyma 10BR60? The frames look the same, although the magnet looks a little bigger, could be a cover though.

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I am looking to build something similar, I have the Veravox drivers (on there way here atm), although they are the 5S rather than the 5X in the Veena, and looking for some 8"/10" drivers that are quite cheap for the OB.
Both the 8BR40 and 10BR60 seem to sim well in OB (xbaffle) and should be more than enough for my room with 4 each side.

Got a Decware Zen build on the go for the Veravox, will use an active crossover as well.