"Acoustic Wagner" drivers?

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Well if the speaker codes published for guitar amps can be trusted for O/T applications, it's actually an Oxford driver from around '69...
It doesn't seem like a stretch to assume it could have been made by Oxford for Acoustic Wagner.

So if that's the case, I've heard of the 'Altec Sound'... Is there an 'Oxford Sound?' :p
What the 'Oxford' speakers look like.

So I actually ended up getting that speaker and a relatively closely matched twin along with two matched waveguides. All with the 465 prefix indicating Oxford made them and as far as I can tell the 31 st week of some year ending in 3... Since they have Alnico mags, I'm thinking '63? Oxford was supposed to have stopped using Alnico in the early 60's according to the Guitar amp folks... But I really don't know.

The 15's sound real nice and project like crazy even on my little 30w Denon receiver I hooked up just to see if they worked. They have a lot more range than I expected. They are also a lot less heavy than I expected... Too light?


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The waveguides are a little harder to gauge at this point. They seem to be best suited for only the very top most mid and highs... In the right enclosure they might actually match pretty well but I can't help thinking a larger compression driver with more range would match the 15 better. No testing has been done other than an Ohm reading... So who knows?


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'Jensen' horns

Thanks! They looked pretty common to me too but I wasn't sure why.

These all supposedly came from a high-end in-wall installation. So having the units oem-d seems logical.

My research so far says 'Acoustic Wagner' is actually the "Acoustic Wagner Group Inc" which was what became of Acoustic Control Corp after they sold to Wagner Group.

All of which means bubkis to me... :eek:

I was just hoping to find some cool old speakers.:cool:

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