Acoustic testing gear recommendation

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Hi There,

I am planning to speaker-diy. Any recommendation on a low cost solution to measure the acoustic performance of driver and speaker. As I am asking it for a low cost, what are the compromises? If you can send me the link, it's highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Kam
Hi Al,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I came across Speaker Workshop program when I did my research. I have it installed and downloaded the manual yesterday. It will require me sometime to sink in. On its webpage, it says that I need a mike to run the test. This makes a lot of sense of course. But the question is what mike to be used. And more importantly how to calibrate the SPL with the mike.

Thanks, Kam
pinkmouse said:
Check out Vikash's website. He does a nice preamp kit that comes with the recommended Panasonic capsule.

You can also google "Mitey Mike" -- the preamp circuit has been variously upgraded since it was first published in Audio Amateur in the 1980's. Also uses a Panasonic element. Old Colony Sound still sells the PCB's --

one piece of non-computer equipment which you will find extremely helpful is a "Wave Analyzer" -- the Hewlett Packard HP3581 will allow you to make precise frequency response measurements, has a built-in tracking generator and frequency counter. This remains one of the all-time big bargains on EBay.
I've built a stereo analysis microphone based on Panasonic capsules, with integrated preamp. I use it both for sound analysis and music recording. It cost me arround 30euros but I'm really astonished to see it performs much better than 150euros Sony or Aiwa microphones. The output level is outstanding and there is almost no noise !

Have a look to my website to have an idea -->

this page is not yet finished but there are photos.
a really, really great chip for microphones is the ADI SSM2019 -- it has a true differential input, extremely low noise and THD -- Analog Devices has application instructions for use with phantom power on their website -- I use the chip (instead of an AD797) in my low noise instrumentation amplifier because it is comparatively inexpensive and gain setting can be done with one resistor.
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