Acoustic Reference brand need info...

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You wont find anything if those are "white Van" speakers. I didnt know those guys were still around doing that "psst hey man. Listen we gotta get rid of something that kinda fell off a truck if ou know what we mean" schtick.

I almost bought a pair of "top of the line name brand speakers sold cheap so they dont put their name on them " speakers back when i was 15. My friend smacked me upside the head. I almost gave them my freshly cashed paycheck for them.

ALso if you rap on the side of those and they sound like a ripe butternut squash.... then they definetly are not studio monitors.
butternut squash

hmm, well, considering they weigh a ton and are made of thick composite speaker wood and don't sound "hollow" when rapped on,
these may be white van, or may be not - as "studio monitors" cater to a different type of listener than "speakers."
Which makes me wonder, are there forums for those who use studio monitors?
Besides, instead of spending major bucks, I got them at a rummage sale at a local church for a whopping $5 for the pair.
Just spent a huge $6 on a Harman Kardon AVR 35 (works and sounds excellent - 5.1 a/v reciever) at another garage sale (missing its remote -anyone know of where I can get a decent replacement?)
and another $1 for a Fisher branded center speaker at a third garage sale-
now all I need is a pair of rear surround speakers and Voila! theater surround on the cheap!
garage sales rock, period.
I just wish I had the $50 to buy a pair of Klipsh (from the 80's, solid wood, 3way with 12 inch woofers...) I had found at one sale... oh well...
but it doesnt match...

strange thing is - none of the articles I have read (using the search "acoustic reference"+"white van") have the fake speakers use the name "Acoustic Reference."
I wish I had access to a digital camera so I could post a picture.
Something tells me these are from a company that is no more. Not necessarily a "white van" brand.
Again, the descriptions of the "white van" speakers as being light weight and poor build does not match what I have.
the only picture I can point you to is this (found before I posted here - yeah been looking real hard as curiosity has got the best of me...)
and is a bit blurry...
it has two control knobs to adjust the bass/treble and claim to be "liquid cooled.' Its a 3 way with a port. It has a reset circuit breaker on the back.
I even contacted a repair store at (nice guys- quickly responded to me even tho I am way too far away to be a customer.) They do re-edging on them - they believe them to be a dead company. Supposedly went by "Acoustic Response" too.
Oh well, the search continues.
But hey, I paid a whopping $5 for them. Not like I'm out the $200-2000 some victims have been taken for. I hope they get those "white van" scum and jail them.
Even if they are in fact "white van" speakers, that doesn't mean they are junk, although a lot of people assume they would be. I bought a pair very similar to those when I was a teenager (in the 70s), and at the price I paid they were darn good, even impressive, for listening to loud rock music in my bedroom and later my dorm room. It's just that the guys selling them usually represent them as being very expensive exotic speakers, which they are not, in hopes that the buyer will be induced to pay several hundred dollars and feel he has gotten a bargain. I think I paid $50 or something, and even in 1978 dollars I believe I did ok.

Since you got yours at a garage sale, maybe they are "vintage" white van speakers and reflect that fact in sturdy construction and the equally sturdy, fairly efficient paper drivers that were common at the time. You might like them, or if not you might be able to rework them into something you do like. I bet the current crossover is an exercise in thrift and simplicity. But I have a feeling info on the drivers used will be difficult or impossible to obtain.

As to the "studio monitor" moniker, I'd regard that as pure marketing. I sincerely doubt there is anything special about them that would justify the term. Again, that doesn't mean they are necessarily bad speakers.
Good evening all. Heh, yeah there's a pair of those sitting about 20 feet from me in my parents house. They bought them from a guy in a white van about 5 years ago. I remember the guy had a "packing slip" and these were "extra speakers" that weren't "on the packing list". He also happened to have slick sheets showing a "retail" price of $1200pr. Considering the source, they aren't the worst speakers I've ever heard. Not real efficient, but build quality isn't bad and they look half way decent. Glad to hear there are others out there.

ok, so these are "white van" but not bad "white van"
Or at least "white van" when "white van" was not as bad of a rip off as now... wrap your mind around that...
Ok, thanks for the info guys.
Anyone have these things apart?
Now to look hard at them to see if I can take the back off without too much fan fair...
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