Acoustic Piezo Tube Preamp


2014-11-16 1:26 pm
Hi Everyone,

I'm a eletornics hobbyist and an amateur guitar player. I'm thinking of buying a new guitar and als thinking of recording some stuff. Yet, the available electronics in today's guitars, at the price point I can afford, are completly rubbish. I'm thinking of adding a Piezo and then build a tube preamp with and DI out. Do you think this would work right?

My thoughts were to do a multi input option preamp, with an High, Low and JFet Buffer inputs, to use with acoustic guitar and sometimes with a bass or a eletric guitar to add some drive or harmonics to the signal if needed. I was thinking of using a simple piezo buffer using a jfet, then straight to a single 12ax7 preamp stage of a Fender Amp, modding it with a variable cathode resistor and bypass capacitor so I can tweak it for every intrument. My main question is on the output. What should I go for? My first ideas were to use directly a DI Transformer or a solid state balancing solution.

What you think?

Best Regards,