Acoustic pickup

What is the best type of pickup to fit to a conventional sound hole type nylon stringed classical guitar? I know there are the types that fit accross the sound hole, the ones that stick to the sound board, ones that fit inside, ones that clip on etc etc. Not really sure of the pros and cons though. The pickup will feed a conventional electric guitar amp. Thanks.

AFAIK the best option for a classical acoustic is miking it up.

I've also seen a combination of miking it up and undersaddle piezo bar.

A "normal" guitar amp is not that good for classical acoustics.

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The socket fits in the endpin hole of the guitar.

rgds, sreten.

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I would say that usually I would agree with Sreten. There may be certain circumstances where a pickup would work best but more often that not a good mic will work best. The thing is acoustic guitars sound best IMO a little bit away from the guitar and pickups pick up the sound from on the guitar.