Acoustic mats


2001-08-05 4:33 am
Hello, uhm I'm not much of an audiophile, but i do like my sound to be as true as possible. I have some big obstacles to overcome tho; concrete floor, walls that bounce sound like mad, and very limited options for speaker placement. I have the floor and placement problems in hand, I'm having real difficulties with the walls. I have asked a few folks and the general response is to "make the walls absorbent". Sounds good to me. Now comes the need for expert help.

I'm willing to spend some money, but I'm not going to sink loads of money in this endeavour. What I'd like y'all to relay are some ideas on what kind of options I have. Acoustic mats seem like the most likely candidate for the project. But again, I'm a total noob to the sound space engineering aspect. Lemme know what ya'll do to spruce your your listening area.


Dan Taylor.
Don't overlook the possibility of a couple of bookshelves. Book spines do a great job of diffusing; books are also fairly good at absorbing sound.
Place a tallish bookshelf on each side wall at the first reflection point. If you have more books, start working on placements along the front and back walls.
It's a good way to handle reflective rooms without spending a fortune. Subjectively, many find it more attractive as it keeps your listening area from looking like an explosion in a pillow factory...