Acoustic Horn Design – The Easy Way (Ath4)

Hi Marcel,
There's really a great potential in using large-format drivers at their phase plug exits, even if radiating e.g. through a 1.4" aperture.
Can you please clarify- do you mean to use the 1.4 in driver directly at the horn sans the throat extension, or with a throat extension?

I am asking as I have two drivers, a phase plug of which terminates at the front face of the driver.

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There's simply something to the "full-bodied" reproduction from one driver. You won't hear that very often.
1.5 a/b Ratio at the mouth, Cutoff; 150hz F3, with the mouth height no bigger than 700hz.
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Hello Everyone,

if have a little problem with the ath 4.8.2. – maybe anyone can help me 😊
I try the demo1.cfg example.
When „reading bem_mesh.geo“ the program is freezing:


When i use gmsh v.4.6.0, i get some errors but the abec project is created … But whats the Problem?



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