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Acoustic elegance TD15H+ Apollo

I have for sale two td15h+ Apollo subwoofers/mid bass there in gloss black 17” cubes made from 25mm mdf stuffed with lambs wool to give a a of roughly .6
They also come with a inuke 3000 with silent fan mod which gives them roughly 750w each

The cabinets have a nice finish but have a few chips and scratches from kids
The chips I’m sure can be touched up with some
Gloss black touch up paint to look great in the room again
Binding posts are on the bottom so they can face the room or the wall

They also come with grills but the lugs have been snapped off I can supply new lugs but they need the old lugs to be drilled out and new ones glued in again

These are super clean 15” that can play up to 500hz easy so amazing for music
Can be put in bigger enclosures or eqd in these small enclosures which are nice and compact

( note one driver has a earlier foam surround the other has a neoprene surround as bought at different times this doesn’t effect bass frequencies )

£700 for the pair with inuke

There heavy so collection only from post code TW17 shepperton U.K.
unless you want to arrange a pallet or something


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