Acoustic Elegance 18” - Help Needed

Hey guys- need some help. I’ve ordered acoustic elegance drivers the TD18 and I can’t reach them- I’m just trying to get the baffle machined in the mean time- I tried messaging folks that I’ve seen have these but being new it won’t let me … does anyone know the dimensions of the outer frame diameter? Any help would be appreciated thanks
Don't expect them to answer the telephone or email. You'll get a form email back from them 9/10 times telling you they are busy, behind, blah blah blah. Don't expect to order them and get them soon thereafter. I sent them a pair of Dipole 18's that I bought from someone who blew them out for repair and despite them telling me originally it would be 6 weeks it was more like 6 months. Great speakers, terrible communication and service.
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Not sure how much info you need.

This is a Dipole 18 I had sitting in the garage that came back a while ago from a recone.

With the rubber gasket in place on the frame I would call the diameter 18 3/8”.

I measured bisecting two mounting holes opposite each other.


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Posted in other thread after seeing tech drawings…there’s a discrepancy that would make me wait until I had the drivers and could actually measure them.

Now that I think of it, when mine was rebuilt (just after Covid) I thought the owner mentioned having to find new sources for materials.

This could result in some dimensional discrepancies I would think.
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