acousta 115

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I want to revive the legendary acousta 115 of lowther. I have plans to fix up the wood but would like information on damping materials (what installed and where) if any of the forum knows will be happy to hear him
thanks for any replies
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I believe the factory cabinets had no damping, efficiency was everything. I have a pair and have experimented with stuffing behind the driver and in the horn mouth with mixed results. I do not have the Lowther drivers but drivers with low Qts work best (less bass bloom). These speakers have a very strong personality and people love or hate them. Try some experiments and good luck.
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I had the Acousta 90 here for a short time...hated them. No bass.

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I built the A115in around 1985 and used Philips 9710 in them. The back need to be crossbraced to the intenal baffle otherwise you get the "accousta bloom" from the vibrating back.
The combination of the 9710 shout ( 10dB rise above 2 kHz) and no bass what so ever below 80 Hz was terrible. With a better driver the A115 might work better.

Tasos how did you make out. I am trying to figure out the same thing. I have dx3 drivers in them and took some sponge about 7" x 4" what I had about 1/4" thick and placed it directly behind the drivers. Trying to cancel the bounce back effect canceling out the forward frequencies. Think it is helping some but....Think I will look for some felt. Just trying to figure out size and postioning. Any thoughts would be great. I agree not much bass beyond what a piano produces but what a lovely piano it is! Vocals are amazing! Enjoy the music.

Well did some more experimenting and it has paid off. Pulled the sponges and used half the thickness of r19 insulation. Pulled the paper off and laid it in there. Just laid it on the back wall not the sides. About a 18"x9" piece. It has really improved them. The sound is much more layered with great depth. Much more clarity the highs are sharper not harsh just cleaner everything seems to be clearer more detail. There seems to be more decay more natural. Large orchestral pieces are clearer and cleaner sounding. Not all blended together and bunched up more separation. You can hear the instrument body if that makes sense. A guiatar you hear the strings but the sound seems to be coming from the body not just the strings. The piano from the piano body not just the strings.......if anyone tries different stuffings please report back. I have some wool felt I was going to try next but for now I am enjoying the music!
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