Zero D

2009-08-06 11:11 am
Active Compliance Management (ACM) Patent Pending

ACM is a unique hybrid design that combines the attributes of direct radiating and band-pass configurations to reduce distortion and optimize amplitude and phase response

hs-28 Dual 18 inch ACM Subwoofer ? VUE Audiotechnik

Sounds like they are using some type of Positive Feedback arrangement, as in ACEBass etc to alter the T/S.

From the specs i saw, it's not as effecient, nor produces as much SPL as some designs we're familiar with ! Still, i havn't heard it, so it "might" sound ok ?

Is HR capable of simming this ?
Interesting, it's a hybrid (BR + Bandpass). :D
Bandpass - 1934 by Andre d'Alton US1969704


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Zero D

2009-08-06 11:11 am
@ Inductor

Yeah it's a hybrid ;) i just wondered about the best way to sim it ? As nobody else has replied, i guess they don't know !

Thanks for the Andre d'Alton link, i'm looking at it now :) Amazing to think it was filed in 1933 ! I have a feeling not many people knew about it @ the time, or until many years later. Fig 1 is how many boxes are still being built, even after 80 Years !

Around a year earlier Albert L. Thuras of Bell Laboratories patented the Bass Reflex ! Maybe AdA saw that & expanded on it ?

So 2 great designs from 2 clever people from way back when, that have influenced speaker designs ever since. And to think, they had NO software or high tech hardware to do what they did. Fantastic :)