ACI Jaguars or similar project info.

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Looking for input from people who have built the ACI Jaguar kit from or similar two-way monitors using the Scanspeak D2905/9300 tweeter & the Scanspeak 18W/8545 7” mid/woofer?

I recently home auditioned a pair of ACI Sapphires for 30 days and just loved their sound. The only thing I would change if I could, would be for them to reach down a bit lower, which I’m told the Jag does.

In doing some research it seems that others have made DIY speakers using these same SS drivers. I’m fairly confident that I can make the boxes and assemble the speakers, my concern is the crossover? I know nothing about them and the learning curve appears to be more than I’m willing to tackle at this point.

I can buy the complete kit from that includes pre-assembled crossovers along with everything else, less the grill fabric for about $769.00 OR I can order the drivers from someone like PE along with everything else needed for about $550.00, less the crossover, of which I have no idea of the cost.

I guess my basic question is that I’m wondering why more people haven’t made the Jags, or am I missing out on other such similar designs?
Another design to consider would be the Dennis Murphy SSTS, it uses the Scan 8545k and Seas Excel T25-001 or Seas Millenium tweeter, either will work.

Here is his web site, plans are free.

It is located under projects and then choose the kit that interests you.

i have the box basically done, but I am waiting on the drivers and xover parts, so I cannot yet give a description. Those that have it, say it is a great sounding speaker, capable of competing with high end commercial speakers.

Of course the Jaguar also comes highly recommended. I have not heard it either.

Kits, or speakers using the Scan 8545 or k version will reach lower than the majority of 6.5's and 7's on the market, bass is its best quality.

How would you compare the midrange between the Saph's & Jags? At times the Saph's to me sounded like they were "voiced" a little more towards say female voices vs. male voices, checking if the Jag's are voiced about the same or lower?

Has anyone ever compared the DIY Jags to a factory pair?


This is all from memory. I've owned / built three versions of the Sapphire: The original Focal tweeter design, the early 2905/9200 Scan- Speak and the later 2905/9200 Scan-Speak with simplified crossover. The first was a little rough sounding, the latter lost some detail, the second was pretty special. Were I doing this again I would use the 9300 tweeter.

The Sapphire had less bottom end weight than the Jag, but overall IMHO a nicer top to bottom balance. Yes the Sapphire was a bit midrange forward, but it's soundstage was pretty special. The Sapphire gave height to the soundstage that the Jag, did not match. I always assumed this was because of the slightly forward mid.

My final solution was to bi-amp with a Vifa M-22 in a 1.4 cu/ft box. Don't remember the tuning, but it was right out of Vance's Speaker building manual. Think the port was 3 inches id X 11 inches long.

Amplification at the time was Hafler DH200's..... given the electronics the Sapphire was the more neutral choice. As I recall this was also the electronics that Mike Dzurko voiced the Sapphires with. Just one persons thought, but hope this helps.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.