Accuphase M-100 Power Transistor Subs

Hello all and thank you for your attention

I have to replace all the power transistors on the Accuphase M100
that use the Sanken 2SA1170/2SC2774 MT200 case
Well as you know these are very hard to find and what you find are 99% fake
I bought a set a few week ago from a trusted supplier but were fake (14gr and low hfe)
Iam planing to use what you can buy new form Mouser and my attention is to MJL4203A/4281A
That show 350V 230 watt 15A and strong SOA
The problem is the Ib max rated for 1,5 Amp instead 5 Amp with Sanken
I need to know what do you think about
Attached both data sheet
Thank you !

PS: i need the service manual if someone got it please let me know


  • 2sa1494_ds_en.pdf
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  • MJL4281A_D-2315934.pdf
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