Acceptable Acceptable Load for Lite 60 DAC 6922 Output Tubes

I have a heavily modified Lite 60 (Monarchy NM22 without the preamp) and I was wondering what is an acceptable load (Preamp) to allow the tube not to be overloaded.

I have a NAD S-300 (built by Gryphon in Denmark) that has a passive preamp (no acive components prrior to the potentiometer) and a 10K potentiometer. I believe this load is too much for the Lite 60 6922 tube based output.

I wanted to replace the 10K Blue Velvet Alps with a 50-100K potentiometer to lighten the load for the 6922's.

What are the consequences in regards to changing the pot from 10K to 100K?

Any help would be appreciated.