Acapella TW-1S Plasma - most ultimate sounding Tweeter in the World ?

Repair-Service (replace of parts e. g. the tube PL519) must take place regularly and as I know, only Acapella itself can perform this. This is a great disadvantage.
Therefore I am looking for basic literature concerning this approach - independent of this it would be interesting to know, whether exist alternatives with similar sonic quality (like ATC, Stage Accompany SA8535, Alcone etc.).
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Who can upload a service manual ?


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2006-09-16 10:55 pm
Ultimate is in the ear of the beholder. The TAD ET 703 if you can score a pair is great. Large Fostex t500 mk2 or Mk3 is also excellent. Another possibility is the RAAL lazy ribbon tweeter.

You can also contact Ralf Krebs of Cessaro. I understand he now makes his own drivers now but don't know if he will sell parts. He should be tops on your list to speak with.

Best of luck,
If ultimate frequency range extension is the target, Murata ES103 105 or ESTD01 piezo tweeters come into mind ...

The Bliesma 25mm Diamond or Beryllium tweeters could also be an option (on a waveguide).

Unfortunately due to its ultra small "discharge volume", plasma tweeter produce tremendous amounts of H2 distortion and Intermodulation as well, so you need to cope with that in order get a 100% replacement, sound wise.


2009-10-19 7:47 pm
I think it depends on your definition of "ultimate." If ultimate means total detail retrieval, lack of fatigue-inducing distortion or frequency response issues, reasonable sensitivity, etc., then that driver will likely work in any system without drawing attention to itself (assuming basic level matching is done properly). As an ideal, it seems like a valid goal.

If your idea of ultimate leans toward euphonic coloration, a sizzly or distorted character that's perceived as detailed, emphasizing one aspect over others (sensitivity at all costs), etc., then that's more likely to only work in certain designs.

Small full-range-ish drivers are a place where some of this is more obvious. Many just don't have much detail retrieval. However they're used or equalized, that character comes through. You can make them better sometimes, but they'll always have that deficiency to a certain extent.