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Acapella Troels Gravensen Seas Drivers & Aurum Cantus

Awesome speakers, Look and sound better than most under 10 grand range, I'll accept trades and will take cash 1600.00 local del, easly $2,200.00 in parts.



thank you Mark

download the manual
http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/download/The Acapella SE.pdf
Are you looking for anything in particular in trade? I have some Visiton B200s, Hemp FR8.0, a Forte 55 amp, a modified MacIintosh 2105 (no longer stock, a little hacked on the back panel, but looks and sounds great), a McCormack SS pre amp, a Forte 50A DAC and potentially a Red Wine Isabella DAC (older model), MIT Z stailizer, and a Sophia Electric PP EL34 amp. Some things I may or may not be that excited to part with. Depends on the deal.