ACA power supply???

Lithium batteries, or any other sort for that matter, don’t maintain a constant voltage or a low output impedance for more than a few minutes. So they are not a good power source by themselves. You would need a form of voltage regulation plus plenty of energy storage to let your pair of mono ACAs perform at their potential.
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The impedance of lithium cells starts to increase when used at low temperatures or when used at the extremes of the soc(below 10-20% and above 80-90%) or when very old.
Usually you use the batteries in this range of the soc(20-80%)because of the increased cycle life.
How big is your battery pack?
Most probably the impedance of the wires between the battery pack and amplifier will be bigger than the impedance of the battery pack. This could be solved by adding a capacitor where the power wires enter the amp.
You will need also a hf filter to keep out the noise from the mppt.
You said you use lithium but didn’t mention if li ion or lifepo.
If lifepo you might get away without a voltage regulator. Lifepo cells have the 20-80% soc range between 3.25v and 3.35v.
If your sistem has 8 cells in series the voltage will go up and down by 0.8v from 26v to 26.8v


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