ACA Mini potentiometer pins

Hello from a 68 year old novice builder who is slowly but surely assembling an ACA Mini amp, and enjoying it tremendously!

I am puzzled by the blue potentiometers that came with my completion kit. The pins are spaced too far apart to match the holes at locations P1 and P2. Those locations seem to require pots with two pins in the middle of the square and one near the front edge. Mine have two pins at the rear corners and one at the front edge. When I tried to force one in, the front pin bent. See photo.


I suspect that I don't have the correct blue potentiometers. There is no mention of bending the pins in the guide written by member 6L6.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I've attached a photo of my ACA Mini build so far. This is trivial progress for an experienced builder, but for me it's an accomplishment.

Hi, rayma.

I started with the diystore, and the reply said they aren't kit builders, so I should post a message on the forum. If you know for sure what I only suspect, that I have the wrong pots, then I will contact them again.

Thank you.

BTW, I would bend the rear pins if I had to. Drilling a hole would likely cause me to make a bad solder connection.
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Apparently the diyAudio store tech support is now through this forum.
So ask a moderator here to help you contact the right person.
Don't proceed further with the kit until you have the right parts in hand.

Somebody at the store goofed up and ordered the wrong parts.
If the pots don't fit, you were sent the wrong pots in the kit.
When you pay premium prices, you should get the right stuff,
with no kludging required.
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For the record, I now have the correct pots for the ACA Mini amp. These ("YES" in photo) have two pins at the center, not the rear ("NO" in photo). The correct pots fit into the P1 and P2 locations on the PCB perfectly.

Thank you Nelson!

My progress on the build remains slow. Yesterday my $10 60W soldering iron stopped heating properly. A $20 100W soldering iron just arrived. Fingers crossed.

Having a lot of fun with this!
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FWIW, the pots for my Mini and my son's Mini also had the wrong pins. We didn't know any better, so we just mashed 'em down after we soldered them in. That bugged me a little, but they seemed to work okay. I'd gladly pay a little extra for a kit with 25 turn pots though.
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as said myriad times, ZM is Chicken, so always multiturns

though, ZM is not a Chicken to use tweezers to accommodate pins, so both trimpots from post #15 are YES

it's good to learn, with time, what obsessions to keep ..... rest of them are, well, shaved off with mileage
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For Zen Mod: Aside from aesthetics, another reason I asked about the trim pots [thanks for improving my vocabulary, BTW] was that I wasn't sure the ill-fitting ones had the same range of resistance. I am a novice builder, and I want to be sure I'm doing the right things. Thus my questions on another thread about capacitors.

And, for me, aesthetics matter. This is a very well laid out circuit board. I prefer not to spoil it with skewed trim pots.
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