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ACA 1.6 in Hammond enclosure

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Amp Camp Amp v1.6 in Hammond enclosure


Amp Camp Amp v1.6 with 24 V, 120 W Meanwell supply for sale.

It's in an aluminum Hammond enclosure with cooling holes drilled in the base (i.e., the lid) with venting provided up top around the elevated heatsinks. I really like the compact footprint with the heatsinks on top. I used foam weatherstripping on the bottom to provide a non-slip, anti-vibration footing.

Sounds lovely with my "C-Note" speaker kit from PE. My 2 Vrms DAC pushes the ACA loud enough for very enjoyable casual listening - would be even better with a preamp. The ACA embarrasses both my TDA7492 and AudioSource AMP-100. For example, the low open-string rhythm line in "Hey Hey" on Clapton's unplugged album is palpable with the ACA but entirely absent with my other amps.

I'm selling to fund my next project - likely the Aleph J.

Asking SOLD shipped CONUS.

PayPal preferred.



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