ac-dc 1.2kw smps


2009-10-24 7:55 pm
ac-dc 1.2kw smps,
those who succeed with this smps pls comment.

1- etd49 core and the turns?
2-emi filter?
3-osc tranformer?


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This is a very rugged lowcost powerful smps.
The abcense of regulating and powerlimiting stages makes it near perfect for the DIYer.
I see the "mentor" of the project have tested it with shorted output without any damage to other parts of the smps.
One would be good with reasonable standard fuses to have this one to go without significant trouble.
But as it lacks any regulation, it is not too well suited for purposes where stable voltage under all loads are needed. For normal amplifier use: Almost perfect.
Ok guys, I agree. That design is simple and good for a diy project but if nazirdigi wants something reliable, something that won't die on you in flames during the club party then finding/buying an already assembled and tested SMPS is the first option. The choice is yours after all. I wouldn't mess around with SMPS. Look here, maybe you'll find something interesting. :)

You are probably right,but if he really needs something really reliable than the best choice would be good old transformer-EI or toroid with "jars",that is my opinion. Lowest number of simple low-tech materials will be hard to break,something like hammer,or measuring scale weight (gevikt) :) I have just started using and building smps,it is a long way to go ahead...