about reclocking VAU1254/11 transport


2012-07-23 5:57 pm
upgrade from cdm12 to cdpro2lf

if you replace the orig. oscillator crystal through a precision oscilator device (e. g. Trichord Research, Antiléon or LC-Clock XO) you get a very enhanced sonic quality in all matters.
Go to this URLs for more informations:
The Maxiclock by Antileon
L C Audio Technology / LClock XO3

I need to replace the defactive cdm12 to cdpro2lf for my mark levinson 39, and I found out that there is a 2 wire ssoldered connection from the CROUT[PIN14],and VSSA[pin12] of chip set SAA7345, it is clearly a mod by mark levinson,
is that 2-wires connect to the master clock of the mark levinson main board, which in marks'technical note, states to use a 5 ppm clock.
If so, what do I need to do for the saa7234 chip connection on the cdpro2lf board?..
was the mod on the cdm 12 board on the inbuilt clock of the cdm12 board.

help needed desperately as I m stuch now..great thanks to anyone to offer kind guidance and help



2005-08-15 8:48 am
Hi lcshiong, I am in the same boat - levinson cdpro2 transport swap - have you found out more in the meantime? Soldering the external clock wires again should be easy. But is there anything else that needs to be done, for example to disable the clock on the transport pcb itself?