About QUAD 606

In fact, I have already produced QUAD707. So there's no need to make QUAD606 again
However, due to some DIYER currently producing QUAD606 (TO3 transistor version)
I think this version is too difficult to install.
Moreover, QUAD707 has a relatively large width.
So I made QUAD606
In fact, he is almost indistinguishable from QUAD707.
Okay. It's just a difference in appearance. So I don't need to repeat the characteristics of this amplifier.
You can refer to QUAD707.
It's just that its shape is a bit different. It is more like the installation method of L20 amplifier.
I think it can replace QUAD405. It is indeed more effective than QUAD405.
There are many circuit introductions available online on QUAD606. Interested parties can simply go to Baidu.


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So there are three pairs of power devices, one pair at the upside and two pairs beneath the aluminium L bracket? Mind to share the schematics?

Best regards!
That's right. There are a total of 6 transistor outputs.
I don't mind the circuit diagram. Because this was not designed by me.
You can search online. There are many genuine circuit diagrams for QUAD606
After I created the first version of QUAD 606. Found some minor issues.
Its signal-to-noise ratio is not particularly high. Then I improved.
Now it's the second version. I omitted the first version of 20UH. Later discovered. This inductance cannot be omitted. So the second version added 20UH.
Then I assembled a self listening device. There is almost no noise. It's great.


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