About equipments and tools...

Sorry, I went by my feelings in an inpropriate thread with this.

"Hope the scattering of this forum would take an end as nothing about it can be personal. People do carry away from time to another thats life. Let them be and lets carry on and welcome them back when they feel ready."

Please do not get pi**ed of by individuals - welcome them back when they are ready. Life can be though especially in the days we are living now seing those who luckily saw the downturn coming and invested hard in the decline. Now, better days are ahead of everyone - lets push those 96K fellows into the right centery ;D!

My new toy:


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My "middle" man. I`ve got 3561A and 3563A. Nice boxes. I think John Curl also have your type.


Hi Roar.

Many bout me have wondered about the differences except the digital parts between the 3562 and 3563 analyzers. What boards do you think needs to be switched or is it just a switch of the firmware?

Do you have the sticky buttons issue with any of yours?

Enough for now :D