About cbb22 105j400v capacitors


I have few cbb22 105j400v capacitor, some web site say that they are polypropylene film capacitors, others say that they are polyester film capacitors. I don't know who made them.

Anybody know if they are polypropylene or polyester film capacitors and who made them ?

I include a photo of my capacitors.





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Addendum question regarding lower voltage PP caps:

Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor ROHS 1uF 100V J (F 7.5mm) 50PCS | eBay


Kinda driving me to distraction.

I'm about to upgrade an ADCOM GFA-555 II amp, power supply, matched input transistors, Nichicon FG electrolytics, and, while I'm at it, I figured what the heck replace the PE caps with PP.

Where to find source for 1 uF/100v and 1 uF/50V PP caps?

I've exhausted mouser, digikey, allied, several other sites' search engines and can only find these caps in places like eBay from Taiwan.

Any US suppliers? I only need a handful (1uF for 545 amps), a dozen of the 1/50 size for the 555 amps (got two, will see what/if any difference in performance side by side).

Thanks in advance.