about aleph-zen transformer

i got a transformer with two winds , both are 30 vAC ,4A.
can i parallel these two winds to get 30vAC, 8A ?
because i want to use it to build bridge aleph-zen , then
i can get more power and less distortion. if it does not work.
can i use one wind with one aleph-zen, and bridge two aleph-zen
in one channel. is it ok?in my thought, i always think that bridge
amplifier should use one transformer and one PSU. can i use separate PSU to serve separate side of bridge amplifier?

ps: english is not my native language, so if you do not understand what i said , pls tell me. thanks.


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
Are you asking if you can use a bridged amplifier, with each side of the bridge powered by a different power supply? Yes you can.

The subject of wiring two transformers in parallel comes up here once in a while, and the general consensus is that it is probably not a good idea. Powering each amp in the bridge from its own supply (or each side of a stereo amplifier) is a better solution.