A75 questions.

Alright, I've heard that the passlabs A75 is simple enough and is a good design. My question, is how much do you think it would cost me to build? I found the PCBs for 9$ and 15$ for the PSU and the amps respectively. I'd build the case myself, as well as the heatsinks (I've been building CPU heatsinks for a while (overclocker ones, very LARGE and efficient, ie high quality copper ones, amp heatsinks should be a nobrainer). So I'm just asking for a ballpark figure for the electronic components. Because I'm only a poor student, and if it racks up a huge bill, then I'd have to unfortunately have to put this project on the back burner for a while (just built some expensive speakers, so I'm not swimming in cash). Thanks...


2001-08-17 6:00 pm
for starters...do check out the prices for the MOSFETS as you'll need more than necessary for matching purposes.

Probably the most expensive hardware in the A75 could be the transformers, since you're making the housing and heatsinks yourself. But do shop around for surplus parts (e.g large caps or transformers) as they're much cheaper than buying new. Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars.