A40M amplifier

A40M Parts List? Board Pattern

I just reread the A40M articles in Audio Electronics (starting Sept. 1999) and thought it might be fun to build but...there does not appear to be a parts list in the series. Was it ever published? Also..has anyone done a board layout for it? I'm fairly inexperienced at scratchbuilding so I am somewhat intimidated when it comes to designing the layout.

Has anyone, other than the author, built this amp yet?



2001-06-01 4:53 pm
If I remember correctly, some of the parts were difficult to get (discontinued, maybe?) I think Dr. Thagard answered a letter concerning this somewhere in one of the (6?) issues.
I think a PCB would be necessary to build this, and was disappointed that one was not offered.
What a great series of articles, though. His explanations are superb. He obviously has a knack for instruction.

The parts list (I don't know how I missed it!) is on page 11 of Audio Electronics Issue 5 of 1999. The schematic is on page 10 of the same issue. Issue 4 of 2000 has the letter that was referred to in a previous post (by paulb) that contains information on parts. It can be found on page 49.

I am curious if anyone has built it or layed out the artwork for the boards.

A-40 articles

All articles, or even one, are very much out of the question. There were six of them, many pages long each.

They certainly make very interesting reading.

And I didn't design the pcb or built the amp. The pcb might need a redesign to adapt the SK and SJ FETs.

In fact I do think every DIYyer should design their own pcbs according to the parts one is going to use. Plenty of shareware programs in the web to do that.