A40 offset problem?

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stickleda said:
I have one channel of my a40 that has 27mV of dc offset on the output without an input. If I add a shorting pin to the input or conect it to a source (without dc offset) it jumps to 96mV offset.

Rather than matching, it may be inadequate current gain on the
input device(s). Try using a high-beta type transistor, or select
for a higher one in the extras you have, and if possible, measure
the beta of the ones you have in there.
Batch I have per basic tests

Transistor 10K base resistor 1K emitter resistor Beta/Hfe
0.797 8.89 111.3179474
0.784 8.9 113.291074
0.838 8.85 105.3952412
0.819 8.87 108.0840148
0.782 8.91 113.7084399
0.877 8.81 100.2531587
0.812 8.86 108.8928696
0.791 8.89 112.1623313
0.789 8.9 112.5731331
0.769 8.92 115.7604655
0.861 8.83 102.3479863
0.784 8.9 113.291074
0.802 8.89 110.6239452
0.769 8.92 115.7604655
0.784 8.9 113.291074
0.777 8.91 114.4401544
0.777 8.91 114.4401544
0.778 8.91 114.2930591
0.779 8.91 114.1463415
0.784 8.9 113.291074
0.784 8.91 113.4183673
0.788 8.9 112.7159924
0.8 8.89 110.9005051
0.804 8.88 110.2246344
0.805 8.88 110.0877094
0.838 8.85 105.3952412
0.883 8.8 99.45891531
0.867 8.82 101.5245884
0.891 8.79 98.45389926

Conditions are 9.88Kohm base resistor_____990ohm emitter resistor
10.37volts to base resistor
15.31v to 15.25v to emitter resistor

This is per the last postings circuit. Sorry about the way it posts, i you can't understand let me know.

I will pull out the transistors that are in there and check everything again including removed's beta numbers

Offset and Hfe/Beta

Update! Beta measurements are off. Hfe is about (70) for Fairchild 2N5551, removed units were slightly less. Sorry for this, faulty test procedures that I corrected today. What is the ideal Beta for this circuit? Can I substitute Zetex ZTX653 and ZTX953 for the mpsl01/2N5551 and mpsl51/2n5401, as these look applicable with much higher Hfe at the currents that are called for?

I was incorrect before about only one channel increasing offset when shorted. Both do this! However it is much less in the channel with higher Hfe (90) and Motorola brand 2n5551.

I also finally removed the resistor substitutes for Q11 (2N5248) and was able to see and hear the reduction of the noise floor of the amp. I had been reluctant to do this before because the only replacement I could readily find was NTE312 (and this site has been pretty hard on using NTE product). No smoke and the voltages referenced in the build are pretty close after installing. Both channels are little higher than the specs.

Mr. Pass, if could answer the above questions I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, Don
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.