A Swede in California

Found this site while gathering inspiration for my
latest hair-brained project (a digitally controlled
analog mixer).
Anyways - as the subject implies I'm living and working
in California. Moved here in '99 and like it enough
to never want to move back.
Professionally I'm a hdw/sw/fw engineer for a secirity
branch within Honeywell.
I'm fluent in PIC,8051,H8,C166,Z80 and Borland C,C++ and Builder. Also cheating a little in PalmOS and Java.
I love making cross-platform stuff. All my projects typically involve everything from the lowest level hardware through comms-protocols and firmware to high-level Windows coding. The more the better ;)

Back to the mixer idea; I want to have 6 stereo buses -
Master, PFL, EffectSend, PhoneFeedback, Aux1 and Aux2.
Each channel will have a regular (manual) 3 band EQ, a fader, balance, PFL, Start/stop button and maybe an AUX send/return knob. All controls except for the EQ will be "fly-by-wire"-type. The whole thing will hook into Ethernet. I'm thinking eight configurable outputs (Master, PFL, CtlRoom, Studio, EffectSend, Phone, Aux1, Aux2). Each one can hook up to any of the buses.
As you can see I have my roots in radio broadcasting ;)

Well - see ya in the formums !

What'dya use on the hardware level for ethernet interfacing. Im considering trying to add ethernet support to my home network, but I dont know where I'd get the power from my Ubicom/Scenix PIC clone. I can barely bitbang the 250 Kb/sec for DMX-512, but thats already more than stretching it.