A re-imagined vinyl playback system


2003-12-01 5:49 am
My latest project:

577-B597-B-876-F-4-CE7-AEC2-119125-C3-FA69 — ImgBB
935-F8875-F84-F-429-E-888-C-691130-B7-B97-C — ImgBB
1-FCB78-F7-C1-AD-49-CB-9-BC3-A5-CF2-AEE563-D — ImgBB
EF74-FFD8-F17-F-427-E-8612-5887-D584-B5-F7 — ImgBB
BF945262-FAF0-402-F-9-EF6-63-EFCC9-DDCA0 — ImgBB

I hesitated posting since it is just a redesign of an old system. It has a beautiful rich stereo sound, honey drip and silky. The integrated dual turntable is excellent and fine tuned to work with the phono stage and power delivery, of which there is plenty of.

What I did:

- Cleaned up all contacts and switches.

- Got rid of the bottom cabinet. Constructed danish-like tubular legs and assembly.

- Got rid of the gaudy doors, took apart one door and reused the material for a simple sliding door. I sewed the doors’ fabric to cover the new door’s centre panel. The hardware is self-closing drawer slides.

- Added the auto light when you slide the door open.

The final outcome is a very Japanese looking object with modernist influence. First stereo that I regret leaving the house.