A Radio Shack Classic still around?

To me it bears a very strong resemblance to the 40-1235 from Radio Shack I use in my backyard, though the frequency response seems narrower than the RS one.
I measured one of the Radio Shack horns, it does physically look just like the Monacor unit.
Around 300-8kHz +/- 6dB.


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2006-09-10 7:53 am
The specs for the Radio Shack one is 250-8000hz, 5 watt at 8ohms. Sound quality is quite smooth without the nasal sound the more conventional trumpet shaped horns have. When I take it apart to clean it I notice it has a 3inch driver with a decent size magnet at the base of the center piece firing at the rear of the horn body. So the sound changes direction only once in this design as opposed to twice like in a typical trumpet style. Its not a bad sounding little horn at all and might even make a nice midrange in a three way setup.