A&R Cambridge A60 NEED HELP - No Output - Drawings & Readings inside! :)


2019-07-25 1:39 pm
Hey guys!

I have been using this forum as a resource for some time but I have never posted. I am trying to figure out what is wrong with this nice A60 amp that I picked up from a thrift store a while back.

Problem: No output, tried turntable in from my technics player. I hear a very very light hiss that is barely detectible when monitoring through the headphone jack that does not change when I adjust the volume control. If I pan left and right the sound goes left and right and it sounds less smooth on the right side but its barely audible. Im thinking its just the noise floor of the power amp.

I have taken some voltages and noted them on the attached drawings.

Im not sure what to check next as there are no visible signs of component failure that I can find so far.

Does anyone have any input or suggestions of what to check next or what might be causing these voltage discrepancies?

Thanks in advance!


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Having -14 V in that spot is near impossible.

Please check whether some (expletive) mixed up the Pre-Amp GND and -14V connections, if that is possible at all. If so, further damage is likely.

The unhappy +15 V reg may clear up after fixing that, but inspecting its solder joints is recommended nonetheless.


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