A probe selection

Good morning guys, I've recently have gotten an Hitachi oscilloscope 20Mhz model V-222 from a retired tech i havent gotten any probes with it. I want to by a pair of probes so i can do some poking around (im very good with a DMM), I went on ebay but i dont know what probe will work or what the differences are in terms of probes saying 100Mhz or 20Mhz, which probe is best suited for the instrument i have Hitachi oscilloscope V-222 20Mhz?


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Good scopes the Hitachi's :)

Ideally you want a decent switchable divider probe offering 1:1 and 10:1 ratios (often incorrectly referred to as a 'times one and times ten probe). Also useful are simple shielded BNC to croc clip leads.

The 10:1 range on a probe should be adjusted individually to suit the channel on the scope you are using by adjusting the trimmer cap in the probe to give a correct squarewave when looking at the 'cal' signal on the scope front panel.

For a 20Mhz scope you really need 50 or 100Mhz probes.
Well as i said Mooly, i just want something to get doing some tutorials and practice and that is easier for me to get. There are more better ones available as i supposed but as time progresses i may even get a newer more modern scope if i develop the skills to use it as (or near) like a pro.