A newbie with the power

I am going to build a P3A/P10 biamped system with a linkwitz-riley active crossover, with a preamp that was blown by a penny.

The output transistors for the P3A are some 2sc3181's and 2sa1364's,with 2sc4793 an 2sa1837 for drivers.
the P10 is undecided on output transistors.

I have a 24-0-24 tranny, giving +/-32v rails, and an MOT, 1.8KVA, 2400VAC :bigeyes:, that I can rewind to yield +/-anything I want. The 24-0-24 came from a Sony STR VX200. it is NOT toroidal, but it doen't matter in a steel case, seperate from the amp.

What kind of power(VA) would I need for this sort of system?
keep in mind I want to buy as little as possible, and can get alot of stuff from my junk box.