A Monster "carcase" for sale

I only point this out for someone who might want to employ this as the "carcase" for a couple-hundred watt amp -- there's an HP6129C for sale on the Bay for a starting bid of $19.99. This is a 50V, 5 amp digitally controlled power supply -- the rails are, I believe 95 Volts. The cooling system is a massive chunk of aluminum with forced air. Massive xfmrs and filter caps. Weighs about 76#. As I mentioned a week or so ago, these HP power supplies would make wonderful "bases" for an amplifier. As I have 2 already I am not bidding. (If someone on diyaudio wins, I'll send them the schematics). Jack
Other Digital Voltage Sources for audio apps

the 6129C sold -- for $19.99, note that there are (were) a couple power supplies which were sold as "Digital Voltage Source" -- the HP6130C and HP6131C == these sell for around the same price and the cabinetry is worth the price. These power supplies can't be used right out of the box. They require a digital controller (I have fabricated one with a PIC) to select the voltage and current parameters, or you could use switches to set the DAC, but the programming is extremely easy. The value is incredible, even if you don't want to cannibalize them.

For a view of the 6129C, enter the part number on the EBay search engine and select "Completed Items".