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A little help from friends in Denmark

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Wondering if someone in Denmark can help with a small transformer order from Dantrafo...need a small dual 120 primary / dual 6.3 secondary transformer - item number DT2010061...still waiting for the company to respond...

PM me if you can help get this order to me...I am in west Sub of Chicago...
How about mouser?


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Hello Bas!

The DT2010061 is the manufacturer recommended transformer. Its a Tact S2150 amp that was converted to a S2150X. The problem supposedly is the Aux transformer (dual 115v primary, dual 6v secondary, 6VA) is too weak to have the converted S2150X to run reliably (sometimes will not start up, or will lock up, dim display, etc). The factory issued S2150X had a more robust Aux transformer (same pri / sec, and 10VA) and has none of these issues...

I have tried a simple Single primary (correctly wired and 12VA), dual 6.3v and it did not start up...I think the unloaded 9v of the recommended transformer may have something to do with it? The secondaries with the tried tranny was 7.5v unloaded...don't think it should matter, but it didn't start... put the original tranny back in and works...but unreliably...

I guess I could try the Triad...but the 6VA looks same as one I am replacing...maybe I will look for the higher VA version.

Also, the recommended transformer has the eight legs in goofy positions, and is a "drop in" replacement...
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