A little bit of advice if possible...?`


2010-11-03 10:37 pm

Despite being obsessed with speakers for most of my life I'm suprised how little I know,

I just need to seek some answers so I can decide where my projects are going....

After making and listening extensively to


I then switched back to my TDL RTL3s


As that was what I was used to. However I noticed a few things

They provided a big, full but fuzzy sound, mainly

1: It sounded like there were phase issues with the RTL3s (the wiring was fine)
2: there was considerable less punch on kick drums..... :(

I've since gone back to a single tiny TL which is clamped together and unveneered!

What I would like to ask is...

1: is the phasing issue to do with the RTL3s having a crossover and the TL having none? And if it is a crossover thing, is it reducable at all? Or is that why people opt for full range/active crossovers

2: is the lack of punch due to the transient response of a bass reflex cabinet vs a TL cabinet?

I apprecieate my TL needs a lot more tweaking yet (I have a few more designs on the way) but I'm suprised at how much more listenable it is

Might just pop this in the full range forum too, get some insight there too....

Cheers for your time :)