A little advice if poss.....?


2010-11-03 10:37 pm

Despite being obsessed with speakers for most of my life I'm suprised how little I know,

I just need to seek some answers so I can decide where my projects are going....

After making and listening extensively to

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I then switched back to my TDL RTL3s

View attachment 196342

As that was what I was used to. However I noticed a few things

They provided a big, full but fuzzy sound, mainly

1: It sounded like there were phase issues with the RTL3s (the wiring was fine)
2: there was considerable less punch on kick drums..... :(

I've since gone back to a single tiny TL which is clamped together and unveneered!

What I would like to ask is...

1: is the phasing issue to do with the RTL3s having a crossover and the TL having none? And if it is a crossover thing, is it reducable at all? Or is that why people opt for full range/active crossovers

2: is the lack of punch due to the transient response of a bass reflex cabinet vs a TL cabinet?

I apprecieate my TL needs a lot more tweaking yet (I have a few more designs on the way) but I'm suprised at how much more listenable it is

Cheers for your time :)